Rahman Görede
Burcu Selanik
Dilşah Selanik Görede
Tunca Sarışen
Volkan Avşaroğlu
Turgay Şafak
Erdem Turk
Herlond Bigdeli

Corparate Communications

Creation of corporate identity. Determination of parallel communication strategy with corporate’s identity. Analysis of the market and competitors. Addressing at the right audience and increasing of brand reputation. Distinctive and rich preparation of corporate publications. 


Creation of a media plan in line with corporate strategy. Ensuring effective communication with the right media outlets. Managing  media by feeding the media with regular data. Brand highlighting by the creation of a remarkable public perception compared to its competitors. 


Organizations, events, press meetings, to come together on different platforms fair participation and sponsorship activities with the target audience . In this respect, coordination and provision of technical services from a single source.


Determining the social media strategy. Improving  the reputation of the corporate in the popular social media platforms. The preparation of individual pieces of content for these platforms to be served at the right time of this content. Improving the social environment of the institution's interaction with the audience.


Creating commercials, documentary, corporate promotional films, video clip capture and the photography services in line with the brand strategy. Making the data obtained from these shots ready for use in media publications.


Casting of celebrity people, no name actors and models. Directing casting process. 

E-commerce Management

The creation and management of e-commerce platform. The management of the existing e-commerce site, the purpose of marketing communications and the determination of long-term main activities. Managing collaborations with other active e-commerce and social media channels.