Star Istanbul photograph studio, which is 150 square meters, has 5 meters of ceiling height. Star Istanbul photograph studio is one of the few studios in town that can offer the possibility of shooting in daylight studio with its conservatory ceiling. In addition to shooting studio, Star Istanbul also offers its clients such as a post-production area, a hair and make-up area, a meeting room, a kitchen, a toilet, a storeroom and a parking lot as a standard service in the photo studio.

Star Istanbul Agency can also present and suggest services, such as studio renting, photograph studio renting, shooting equipment renting, post-production as well as advertising agencies, production agencies, professional photographers and likewise, to institutions and people within the production services.

The Star Istanbul Photograph Studio which is rent frequently for e-commerce shootings and fashion shootings along with professional photograph shooting also offers an opportunity to shoot for digital media like social media shooting, youtube shooting, Instagram shooting whether it is professional or amateur.

Within the photograph studio service, the team and equipment needed for social media shooting are provided by one-stop. Institutions or people who want YouTuber, influencer or social media shootings, production services such as professional hair and makeup designing, styling are provided if asked within the studio services.

After your shooting, you can carry out post-production process like photoshop, edit, retouch, color, after effects, fiction, montage, audio in the same studio. You can observe this process closely and contact with professionals about your additions and adjustments directly.

Star Istanbul Agency can arrange the scope of the studio renting services in accordance with the needs. For instance, it can prepare a creative shooting concept, can design a studio decoration in relation to this shooting concept, and can purchase approved studio decorations for you. You can lead your studio shooting, or let the studio carry out the operation.

In addition to photograph studio and social media shootings, creating a shooting team consisting of experts for short-film shooting, promotion film shooting, advertising film shooting; collecting the professional shooting equipment for this shooting team, and working in a goal-oriented manner to prevent unnecessary budget loss, are included in the production services that we offer.

To benefit from our photograph studio services, to create successful and effective contents you can contact us.