Promotion film tells the story of your brand or a product of your brand. With this story, you can reach your target audience quickly and easily via all digital platforms. Researches indicate that more than half of the users prefer video contents and that a one-minute promotion film is worth two million words. 

The contents of a promotion film may be brand identity, product shooting, facility shooting, fashion film or a factory promotion film. These contents are designed to suit your project goals with your brand’s website, the fairs you will be attending or advertising projects. 

Before the promotion film shooting, we listen to you and determine the items needed in the promotion film that will suit your aim. You may need a brief promotion film of your brand’s history or a  detailed promotion film which will be displayed on your YouTube channel. At this point, we make a preliminary preparation in accordance with your needs and plan the shooting of the promotion film. 

Promotional films suitable for every budget can be created. We offer you different promotional film suggestions within the budgets you have allocated for marketing. Specifying the conditions of outdoors or indoors shootings together, we form your promotion film budget with you. 

Promotion films are arranged in three steps that are pre-production, production, and post-production. During the pre-production, promotion film plans are completed from top to bottom. 

The production process continues according to the planning and promotion film shootings are completed. 

In the post-production process, promotion film fiction, editing, coloration as well as music and text corrections are made. After the promotion film or the promotion video is finished, your revisions will be taken, if you have any and adjustments will be done. 

You can contact us for your promotion film or promotion video needs in order to highlight your brand’s identity, increase your brand awareness and add up value to your brand in digital platforms.