Star Istanbul Agency has more than ten years experience and an expert team for product shooting. You’re in the right place if you want to display your product with the value it deserves and make a place in your customers' mind.

We always present our clients the best experience of production services which requires a really careful preparation of photo shooting and product video shooting with our latest technology equipment, professional and dynamic production team.

After the product shooting, product retouches are made by using the programs such as photohop and capture one. The visuals that are obtained within the post-production services are delivered to you as contents that are ready for publication.

In the shooting services, we provide also includes shootings that are needed in various areas such as interior and exterior clothing, accessory and cosmetic product magazines, catalogs, e-commerce sites, online and offline advertising. First of all, we would like to explain the product shooting service that we offer. Product shooting is mainly divided into two parts; product photo shoot and product video shoot.

Product photography is the name of the service of photographing the product remarkably, therefore, creating an impulse to buy the product. An impressive product photograph can be worth thousands of websites.

Likewise, the product video shoot is the name of the professional service we offer which is made to focus on the product with the product’s promotion films and to leave an impact on the consumer by highlighting the product from every direction. 

According to an experiment on consumer psychology on e-commerce sites, 93% of the consumers regarding the visuals as the main determinator factor in the purchasing process. At this point, a high-quality product shooting means persuasive visual contents. 

But why does product visuals affect the consumers at a high rate during the purchase? 

Experiments demonstrate that our brains process visual data more quickly than texts. Thus, playing an important role in the product shooting, the product visuals that affect the consumer’s decision to purchase must be good quality. So we can say that along with being a significant part of the deciding process, visuals greatly increase the product purchase rates. 

So what kind of services do we offer about the product photo shoot and product video shoot? 

First of all, we aim to provide our clients with the best experience by creating the most interesting imagines of the fashion industry  through our interior and exterior clothing photo shooting services which includes dress photo shoot, suits photo shoot, evening dresses photo shoot, wedding own photo shoot, pajamas photo shoot, jean and jacket photo shoot, shirt photo shoot and knitwear photo shoot.

Usually, product shooting can be created in two different concepts.

1. Studio Shooting

Shootings that highlight the product in the studio. In this concept, the aim is to show the product with the best way from different directions by emphasizing the product.

2. Outdoor Shooting

Content or lifestyle shootings in which the product is supported in the appropriate environment or with the supplementary products. Visuals which are created for social media, blog-posts, e-mails or other marketing channels are designed relevant with the desired perception of a story. 

As same as exterior clothing, we also offer underwear photo shoot and beachwear photo shoot services. 

What do we need to pay attention to the most in order for a photo shoot to be high quality? 

Especially in accessory photo shootings studio shootings should be used. With our studio, professional accessory photographer and latest technology equipment we offer a world standard for product shooting quality.

We start your product shooting by using both natural light and studio light and determining the most suitable setup option for the concept and the product. 

In the digitization world with the advancing technology, e-commerce sites are expanding their portfolios without borders and are maximizing their security elements. With this advancements, the sales of expensive products like jewelry have gradually entered the online world. Jewerely photo shoot is one of the product shoots items that demand a hard work. 

And of course, product photography is not a process that finishes after the shoots. The post-production we offer which are made on the photographs afterward the shooting is one of the elements that increase the quality of the work. We help you by preparing the photographs that we have taken of your products and making them ready to be publicated without troubling you.