E-commerce photograph shooting is the name of the services of the photographing the products that will be sold via the internet within the quality standards. E-commerce shootings can be done under web shooting, internet shooting, online shooting.

E-commerce photography includes a variety of dynamics. It requires an organization plan prior to the photo shoot and a test shooting.

Important Points

In the photo shoot test, trying out different light values and inspecting the products are performed to obtain standard shooting values before the product is shot. As Star Istanbul, we aim to show the quality standards of the service we give by offering our clients a free e-commerce test shooting. At the same time, as a result of the test shootings, we can create a roadmap for the actual shooting in regards to your demands.

An e-commerce photograph shooting, apart from product shooting, includes a model, hair and make—up design and styling as a shooting production. Before e-commerce photo shooting appropriate names who serve in this field should be determined. As Star Istanbul Agency we are pleasured to offer our clients the experience and advantages of continuously working with the best names of the e-commerce shooting production services.

Importance of Visuals in E-Commerce  

Nowadays, the retailing sector which has its share in the digitalizing process has entered the internet. Many brands have started to sell their products online and adjusted their media planning to attract people to their websites. In this process, with consumer’s adaptation to online consuming and increasing their activities, we have entered an e-commerce photo shoot flow that grows each day.  

As customers cannot understand the quality of a product by touching and feeling when shopping online, their decision of purchase is determined by the persuasiveness of the product’s visuals. At this point e-commerce photo shooting quality standards are playing a big importance.  According to the researches, more than half of the customers reported that a high-quality photograph of a product is playing an effectual part on a purchase decision. Consumers like to see at least three or five product photos while examining.

Let’s Work Together in Shooting!

As Star Istanbul Agency we offer you a service that will satisfy you in the field of e-commerce product photography with the latest technology, high-quality equipment, and professional team. With the e-commerce photography service, you can easily share the high-resolution, clean and extraordinary photographs of your products on your e-commerce site and get higher sales rates. 

Shooting with or without Models

Like the detailed visuals of the products with or without a model, the banners on your websites are important too.  When your site is visited what greets your costumer is usually the banner. Thus, e-commerce banner shootings should be completed with the same professionality. For banner shooting, apart from the standard e-commerce set up, product groups should be examined and a shooting concept must be created.

Banner Shooting

A banner shooting is usually composed of horizontal shots. It is the display window which is specifically designed for the new season with its different shooting concept and format. It should be attracting in the first glance and be able to give information about the products and the new season in a short notice. 

Apart from the ones that are stated, e-commerce shooting criteria are changing every day. As Star İstanbul we follow the continuously changing e-commerce photo shoot standard-ts. We will continue to support our dear customers’ with our flexible working structure that would meet the content need and our current knowledge.