Accessory photo shooting includes key product groups that integrating and complementary the clothing. They are shootings especially designed to the products such as jewelry shooting, watch shooting, bag shooting, shoe shooting, accessory shooting, glasses shooting, belt shooting, hat shooting, gloves shooting, socks shooting. 

For accessory shooting our agency serve with it’s 150 square meters studio, professional team, and equipment. The plannings of an accessory shooting are specialized according to the product’s features and the media the visuals will be broadcasted in.   

Each accessory shooting has its own qualities. For instance, a jewelry shooting is divided into gold shooting, white gold shooting, rose gold shooting, silver shooting, and dimond shooting. A watch shooting should be planned according to the leather of the strap, the engraving and the jewelry details on the watch. A shoe shooting should be edited in a way that the shoe sole should be seen. In an accessory shooting, the products should be displayed on a live model’s neck, wrist, ear, and fingers, making the product look more organic. A glasses shooting should be divided into optic shooting and sunglasses shooting. For optic shooting the frame details are important whereas for sunglasses shooting, the color of the glass is important. A bag shooting should be planned regarding the fabric or the leather material that it is composed of, filling the bag to make it look more natural. Accessory shooting is composed of different scenarios as it is divided into ring shooting, earrings shooting, necklace shooting, wristlet shooting.

In our agency, products, some of which are mentioned above, that are within the accessory shooting are categorized in groups. Special shooting team and shooting equipment are planned for these products. With the use of the right light and right camera equipment the product’s feature that is aimed to be highlighted is photographed.   

Accessory shooting timings can differ according to the product’s features and quantity. At this point, the number of the shots that the client has specified is also determining. A standard accessory shooting is completed with a minimum of two shots. Every other shooting direction of the product means another shot. While an accessory shooting may be a single shot, a shoe shooting might be planned as five shots. 

In our agency, post-productions are done by expert retouchers who have at least five years of experience.  After the accessory shooting is finished, the product groups that have been shot are processed into product retouch operation. Photograph retouch, coloring, and other adjustments can show difference due to the features of the product. Accessory shootings are planned detailed to minimize the corrections but the last control aims to see flaws that might have been overlooked. 

As Star Istanbul, our mission is to offer you the accessory photograph shooting service that is needed thoroughly. You can come to us with a reference shooting or contact us to organize a special shooting for your product.