What is still life photography?

How is it done?

For still life shots, which is one of the most frequently requested shooting types, photo shoots are made under this name today. This term, which is used for product shooting, is realized by creating a supporting shooting composition with auxiliary accessories, unlike other shooting types. 

For example, let's take a swimsuit bikini shoot, let's think about complementary accessories used in life. Sunglasses, hats, pareo, sandals etc. accessories are preferred by many women when combining swimsuits and bikinis. This type of complementary accessories makes the sale easier by highlighting the product group to be shot. One of the important points here is to dominate the product group to be shot. At this point, the purchase of the relevant by-products for the shot composition should be done by the style consultants. 

Another important issue for still life photography is choosing a suitable place or a harmonious decoration according to the product type. If outdoor shooting is planned, the usage area of the product should be preferred if possible. If studio shooting is planned, studio decor suitable for the product and usage area should be preferred.

For example, let's imagine a dress shoot. Indoor or outdoor shooting can be preferred for this product shot. Remarkable objects or background types of the shooting location can be included in the shooting composition to be created for indoor spaces. The inclusion of the textures of the space in the still life shooting in the space is another element that strengthens the visuals by creating a product-space perception. The style consultant will not only think about the clothes while shopping for the shoot, but will further strengthen the shooting concept by considering the current shooting area and purchasing alternative accessories. 

On the other hand, a professional photographer will determine the light selection according to the shooting location and the complementary accessories to be included in the shoot. The light scheme to be preferred for concept shooting is of great importance at this point. Undoubtedly, it will aim to obtain as rich a presentation as possible by presenting the product in a certain shooting composition. For this reason, choosing the right team and equipment for still life shooting is much more important than what is known.