Today, advertisements and promotions of products are made by celebrities or no name people whom we call professional models. This is true for every product that we can come across in every field from A to Z. In marketing and sales, the person who uses the product, wears it or shows the area of use is as important as the product itself. This person's harmony with the product, his energy, and his appeal to the target audience make it possible for the seller who wants to create a correct perception to market about his product. While casting selection, many corporate companies prefer names that carry these criteria in their advertisements and promotions.

Who is called model?

People who take part in advertisements or promotions of products, locally or internationally, are called models. The product to be promoted for this person may be a pair of trousers, a television set, a mise-en-scene for an advertisement for a business, or he may only use his hand for a cosmetic shoot. We can say that the media and scenarios in which it can take place are limited by imagination. Professional models in almost every field you can think of can promote products with physics, sometimes with a face, sometimes with just a nail.  The media they are most involved in are product shots and fashion shows. Sometimes this can be a photo shoot or sometimes a commercial shoot. Fashion shows, on the other hand, usually consist of textile products walking on the runway with models accompanied by a certain choreography. It is a launch or first demonstration of the brand to its followers and target audience. Today, popular brands such as Victoria's Secret have turned this organization into a worldwide show and made models and modeling much more popular. In our country, we can see the use of domestic and foreign models in many areas. They are the most important figures of commercials, photo shoots, promotions and fashion shows.

So how should the model selection be made?

Model agency is the institution that employs models in the city where they are located in certain periods. Models from Turkey and abroad are represented by these institutions. Companies, advertising and production agencies make casting choices through these institutions. The important thing here is compatibility with the product to be promoted. Brands make choices by considering the needs and personal characteristics of the target audience. For example, a company that sells outerwear products to people who do outdoor sports should consider the general typology of people who are interested in these sports when choosing a model. On the other hand, a company that produces suits or evening dresses should present these products to its customers through faces that are not far from the target audience.

By examining the websites of the model agencies in the city in detail, we review the names that may have the face and physique suitable for your brand one by one. After the shooting date has been determined, we invite these names to our studio. We make test shots by dressing the sample products or product groups of the company in our studio. In this test shot, we first check whether the products are suitable for the model in terms of size. On the other hand, we also have the opportunity to evaluate the comfort of the model in front of the camera, previous experiences and experience in posing. In the final stage, we decide on the most suitable name and send the necessary procedures to the agency to take part in the shoot.